Ortolan crew does Norfolk

Each time we pass through Norfolk (to the NE) and Portsmouth (across the river to the SW) we say, “one of these trips we’ll check out Norfolk.”  Finally, this was the year. The Nauticus Museum was a wonderful and well laid out way to learn about Norfolk’s naval and maritime heritage, from tugs and tankers to battleships and destroyers. The battleship Wisconsin is berthed next door and is truly an imposing sight. One of the most useful items in the museum was a Detecto scale; the kind you’d find in your MD’s office. How could I resist?  Hadn’t weighed myself in nearly a year; can you imagine!!?

Bow on shot of Wisconsin, Nauticus Museum is to the left

Town Pointe Park is next to the Nauticus with a view of the river front. This weekend was a big wine festival and as we walked through it during setup it was clear many, many people would be shelling out big bucks for a reserved table, not to mention general admission. The southern end of the park invites you to sit and relax on cushioned rattan chairs… or play a game of Killer Bean Bag Toss. Russ dared to challenge the Queen of Skeeball and lost miserably.

Killer Bean Bag Toss Queen lounges after the big win

Waterside Marketplace, where several chains call home, sits a few feet up from Waterside Marina, where for $3 you can leave your dinghy all day with no worries- and dump your trash. Joe’s Crab Shack brought us back for tasty libations, many served in 16 oz canning jars which you can take home with you. The shark from the Shark Bite is also yours to take.

Joe’s Crab Shack at Waterside with mermaid sentry

Mermaids floated in every direction, one after the other they popped up; by Nauticus, the Marketplace, the marina, in town; you name it. They seem to be primarily the work of one artist, commissioned by others- each with cute mermaid sentiments.

Princess Azalea welcomes you to the Nauticus Museum

When we approached the marina dock ‘lo and behold there sat a boat we knew in the slip a few feet away. Ah, no more could I lament not knowing any of the many boats we’d seen pass through. Side by Side, an Endeavor power cat whose owners Tony and Bente we’d met last fall, most recently on display at the Annapolis power boat show, we’d last seen at Green Turtle Cay.  We chatted and they extended an invite to join them for a movie, preceded by dinner at Outback.  Argo was playing in Aud 12 and we all agreed it lived up to the intriguing previews.

Once again I was grateful for the nice weather which made walking around very pleasant and the dinghy ride out to the anchorage, very easy and dry!  I commented that no doubt we’d be paying a price for the great weather.  Seems whenever we are in NC, the big winds come to play.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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