Back “Home” to Connecticut

We never tire of passing by this lady on our way thru NYC into the East River

What a change of plans!  We had planned to be in Sarasota, Florida on May 5th for our 30th wedding anniversary, as we were married on a trawler on Sarasota Bay all those years ago. COVID-19 sure put a halt to that.  Instead, we are almost 1,500 miles (by water) north of Sarasota back in our old hometown of Essex, Connecticut, almost running right up the foot of Main Street, as they call it. This is the spot the British landed their raiding party in April of 1814, torching all of the ships & resulting in the single greatest loss of American shipping of the entire War of 1812.  The story is an interesting read: British raid on Essex 1814

Instead of Florida 80’s, it was quite chilly in the 50’s.  Attempting to put a positive spin on things (& since Lori was sick of preparing 99% of our meals during the last many months), we ordered a luscious lunch to-go from the famous Griswold Inn, a short walk up Main Street.

Here we were 30 years ago – at least neither of have changed a bit!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in nearby Hamburg Cove, an all-time favorite of ours over the years, especially with Benj when he was younger & even going back to my childhood – my parents took us 3 kids there many a weekend in our old wooden Elco powerboat.  Being so early in the season, we had the entire cove to ourselves.

Just our 1st batch of packages

With yet another night forecast to be in the 40’s, we relented & proceeded to our temporary summer home at Safe Harbor Deep River Marina to plug in.  Ahhhh, no weather issues, endless power, heat, A/C, water, cable TV, laundry on-site, a car (thanks Seth!) & almost daily Amazon packages (thanks David!).  After a short break, we’ll be getting right into our dozens of projects, which this year will include some engine work too – I’ll be learning all about working on fuel injectors!

We’d still like to spend part of the summer in Maine – we’ll see how the summer shapes up with COVID-19 concerns.


Holding Out in Cape May, NJ

We’ve continued our cold & lonely trek north finally reaching Cape May, NJ.  We might be here a while as stormy weather approaches with gale warnings & ocean seas of 9′ – 11′ forecasted.  Our next leg is 114 miles offshore up the coast of New Jersey to NYC, so we’d like it a little calmer.

While there have been some calm days …

This has been much more common

My phone running out of space to display the warnings

We’re seldom as far north in early spring – it’s cold & stormy!  After a while you almost get used to thunderstorm warnings, gale warnings, tornado watch, blah, blah, blah – o.k. – not really!  For the worst weather, we’ve mostly managed to be hiding in marinas, but have been anchored out many cold nights with temps down to 44 & inside cabin temps as low as 49 by morning – hmmm … who gets out of bed first to start the generator so we can start up the heater??

We have been able to enjoy a bit of great take-out in places such as Beaufort NC (including Easter dinner delivered from Beaufort Grocery which is actually a restaurant) & especially at our favorite restaurant (Spoon River) in Belhaven, NC where we picked up a huge order of fantastic shrimp & grits which was enough for several dinners & even a lunch.  On the other hand, we had to lower our standards in Great Bridge, VA as there was only a Chili’s next to the grocery store in walking distance.  The only saving grace was they had their margaritas to-go as well! Their curbside pickup was a little sloppy as they were repeatedly going car-to-car close-up to opened windows asking which order was whose – not a great system.  We kept stepping further & further away from curbside until we were on the other side of the parking lot by the time our order was ready.

We hit the mother-load, finding almost-forgotten spare toilet paper & Bounty paper towels under a seat hiding-out with the air conditioning unit.

In times like this, it’s the little things.





We had passed this somewhat run-down looking shrimp dock in Hobucken, NC called RE Mayo Seafood many times without stopping.  Since we were running out of shrimp (our usual shrimp stop in Beaufort didn’t have any since they primarily sell wholesale to restaurants so their shrimpers weren’t even going out) we thought we’d take a look.  WOW!  Super clean & super nice with a huge selection of shrimp, fish & even lobster.  Nearly everything they offer gets unloaded right at their dock.  Lori walked out 20 minutes later with a big smile & her big bag of loot.  Even the cost was unbelievably reasonable.  With their own dock right along the waterway, we’ll definitely be making this a regular stop.

Right after RE Mayo Seafood there is a small U.S. Coast Guard station where they were (hopefully) just learning, as we caught a bit of yelling “Watch out! – Watch out!”


Ospreys distancing themselves in style