Summer Success!

It’s been a long (& expensive!) 3 months here in Deep River, CT dealing with our engine repairs.  Finally … success!  Fortunately, the lack of full RPM on our port engine was “only” the turbo charger (it could have been much worse).  Unfortunately, there were no new or re-built turbos in-stock anywhere in the country & ours had a hairline crack in the housing, making the re-build of ours more challenging.

Bill (our mechanic) & myself taking turns working on the beast. These positions aren’t too bad, but most of the work was done down in the “hole” (yellow arrow). My tasks were very minor compared to Bill’s – such as removing & reinstalling the fuel injectors, re-locating the starter solenoids, replacing an alternator & replacing the water pump impellers.

Fortunately, Bill suggested removing the intercooler to inspect & clean (for no other reason than it was now somewhat accessible with the turbo removed). He was surprised to find one end of the casting severely corroded internally – a little more & the seal between the cooling water & air intake would have been breached – a fatal end to our engine.  Unfortunately, Yanmar only sells the intercooler complete … for $2,000, plus several hours of labor.  Oh well, $3,000 vs. $30,000 for a new engine … probably a good deal.  Now concerned, we had him remove & inspect the intercooler on the other engine (a bigger job with that turbo in place) – of course, that intercooler was in perfect condition, but better safe than sorry!

Our sea trial was a complete success & we’re back to full RPMs, sounding perfect! To Bill’s credit, even though this was major “surgery” removing & re-installing major engine components with dozens of fittings & piping dealing with exhaust, oil pressure lines, cooling hoses & fuel lines, there was not a single leak, drip or adjustment needed!

On one of the hottest days of the summer, our A/C cooling pump decided to quit. $300 & 3 hours was the bargain of this summer!

We still managed fun with family & friends, including visiting Benj & Lily in Vermont.

The cheesemaking operation at the Shelburne Farm, where we spent a beautiful day exploring the extensive property.

While certainly NOT the highlight of our trip, an unusual stop at the “World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet” in Burlington (yes, these are dozens of filing cabinets welded together).

We’ll be off cruising for an abbreviated 2-weeks, enjoying local waters including Block Island & Newport, while thoroughly testing our engines.

Summer Blues

Turbo in a bucket

Out with the old – In with the new anchor chain

While our projects may be blue, we’re not!  We’ve been too busy enjoying life while awaiting our engine diagnosis.  And the good news – our engine just passed all of its tests, except for the turbo charger which will need a rebuild.  So “only” thousands, not tens of thousands (which is what it may have cost if major issues had necessitated removal & re-building of the entire engine).  Whew!!  Time to celebrate!

Dad & Benj after a long 8 months apart!

A Father’s Day lobster feast with homemade lobster rolls!

Lori’s a little excited to be helping to cook in a REAL kitchen at Cathy’s condo!

Even MORE excited getting away to a beautiful Bed & Breakfast with NO cooking!

So while our summer will involve less boating, we’ve already had a steady stream of visits with friends & family, with many more to come. Even a couple of trips to Vermont to spend more time with Benj & Lily.  Very, very nice after two years of COVID.