First Overnight Run

Bird on first overnight

Our feathered friend catches his breath

We had a little ride-along! Actually he was the second one who came along, but he flew inside and hung out with us for a good 15 mins.
We left Sandy Hook, NJ on Wed 10/13 at 8am and arrived in Delaware City at 1:30pm on Thurs 10/14. An uneventful trip for the most part, sailed for only 3 hours, motoring the rest. Traveling at night is spooky but the radar along with AIS are the blessing that make it possible.
Dawn arrived with much relief on Lori’s part, as we entered Delaware Bay. At that point we encountered more barges, tugs, container ships and a research vessel taking depth soundings in the DE River.
Rain began as we neared our destination, giving us the final type of weather that we needed to complete the full spectrum since leaving Deep River, CT. Joy.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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