Up the Delaware River

Old Lock DE City Oct 2010

Not the neighborhood swimming hole

Resting at Delaware City Marina, ready to enter the C&D Canal into the Chesapeake.

The photo is of a lock, circa 1854, that was used before the canal was widened and the eastern end altered in 1919. It is one of the few historic locks remaining intact in the US.
The marina is located on the Branch Channel. Once part of the original canal, altered in 1919, it sits just to the north of the C&D canal giving the marina and City Docks a snug, safe home.
Motoring at an ave. speed of 7.5 kts up the DE River, the trip took 8 hours with the last third in light rain.
After an early dinner we crashed and slept for 12 hours. Friday and Saturday were spent on boat chores, laundry at the marina (easy!) and a few walks to town to stretch our legs.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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