Passing Thru the Big Apple

Lady Liberty, NY 10/12/10

Greetings all intrepid cruisers!

With some trepidation we began our day, well prepared for the rough ride we’d read would likely befall us. Perhaps being a weekday in October was a blessing. Our trip was uneventful and we encountered few tugs, ferries and flotsam. Hell Gate fell short of its reputation, for which we were grateful.
And how could we not post a photo of the great lady?  Another lady, the Queen Mary II is docked across the way and boy is she a city unto herself.
The very low flying helicopters were un-nerving at first, but not much more so than the planes taking off directly overhead from La Guardia Airport.
A 57 mile day with no sailing (as expected), we landed at Sandy Hook Point, NJ on schedule, dropped anchor and settled in for the night.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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