Beaufort to Beaufort

No, we didn’t get stuck in place.  The towns of Beaufort in both North & South Carolina are spelled the same, while pronounced differently.  Beaufort, North Carolina is pronounced BOH-fert, while Beaufort, South Carolina is pronounced “BEW-fert.”

We stayed in a marina right on the waterfront in Beaufort, North Carolina for a week, as besides wanting to spend more time enjoying this fun town, we were hiding out from possible bad weather forecasted. The wind & rain never really made an appearance, Lori was able to make it to most of the gift shops & we made it to several of the great restaurants!

Much of the reason we never felt any wind is this beastly yacht moored off our bow
Before that yacht pulled in blocking our view, we could watch the wild horses just across the channel on Carrot Island

Overall the weather has been great this fall!  Probably the best fall travel weather of our 11 years with no hurricanes & only mild cold fronts. We could easily be in Florida by now, but we have insurance requirements which keep us north of the Florida line until after November 1st.

This is the old, beater loaner car the marina offers – the inside door handles don’t work, every idiot light on the dash goes on & go slow as the brakes are a little iffy!  But it’s “free” & got us back & forth to the bakery & grocery store.

Between Beaufort & Wrightsville Beach, NC we usually head offshore to get a break from the boats on ICW, avoid several opening bridges (even for us) & the Camp Lejeune firing range, but the offshore seas were still running 4′ – 6′ so we stayed inside.  Yes, the ICW gets closed occasionally while the military perform live fire exercises.  As we approached, the lights weren’t flashing & the folks on the naval patrol boats waved, so all was good – for us.  Just after passing thru, the lights began to flash, the patrol boats took their positions & we heard on the radio for the other boats to hold their positions – for 3 hours – before they would be able to continue.  Sometimes we have good timing!

While in Carolina Beach (for donuts… I mean groceries) we heard Amazon was shooting a movie. Unfortunately, the only thing more boring than watching filming, is watching the crew waiting to shut down the road to set up to begin filming.  Nevertheless, a surprising number of movies (& some TV series) are shot in the Carolinas.

We stopped in Georgetown for most of the day as they offer a great free day dock which allowed us to eat, explore & buy the best shrimp (almost) right off the boats at Independent Seafood.

We made it to beautiful (“BEW” – that’s how we remember) Beaufort, SC.  Oddly, the marina in-town said they were full, but we saw lots of empty slips. Hmmm… Oh well, we simply used the town’s great new, free day dock every day while anchoring nearby every night – much nicer anyway & it’s always very nice to save a couple hundred bucks – especially as the price of diesel is approaching twice what it was 2 years ago…

We’re slowly continuing south, planning to stop at Hilton Head (for the first time), then to Isle of Hope (near Savannah) to visit some fellow PDQ cruiser friends.

4 thoughts on “Beaufort to Beaufort

  1. It was great meeting you guys in Beaufort…..NC. I enjoyed learning about Twin Sisters and having a chance to finally chat in person. Catherine and I would love to treat you guys to dinner at Stillwater the next time you come to BFT. Looking forward to reading about the next adventures. Safe travels south!


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