Feeling Young Again

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Tracy, Chris and I

Some of you will remember s/v Sanuk and our (younger) friends Tracy and Chris who we first met in Vero Beach Nov 2010. They’d owned Sanuk, a Baba 30 (Hull #1) for only a short time so we thought they were joking when they talked about buying a catamaran and even borrowed one of our catamaran books. You may recall that we stopped to visit them in Crisfield, MD last October when we cruised down the Chesapeake on our way south. Yes, lovely Sanuk would be up for sale this winter. She’s spent the past few summers in the Keys, with her owners heading south to spend more time with her every winter. Ah, what a great life.
Marathon is roughly 27 miles up the chain from Cudjoe Key. No Name Pub wasn’t worth another visit so we met at Boondocks on Summerland Key for a catching-up dinner and a rousing game of mini golf- the only mini golf course in the Keys supposedly. We didn’t keep score but I’m sure the ladies ruled the night; me with the first (surprise) hole-in-one and Tracy with two. The guys, well they each managed to land a ball or two in the ponds. 🙂

Russ goes fishing

Russ goes fishing

The moon was full and even with the iPhone we got a pretty decent shot.?????????

Chris won a snow cone (this place doesn’t give away free games) and grape was the fun flavor he chose.

I snuggle with Chris while Tracy cooled off in the ladies room!

I snuggle with Chris while Tracy cooled off in the ladies room!

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