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Not our best work but it gets the job done

Not our best work but it gets the job done

Hi All, Annie here. You know I may not have been born in the south, but I got here as darn fast as I could. Born in 2007 in Forest City, Iowa I spent my formative years around North Carolina, but what happened during those years I will keep to myself!  Since September 2014, however; you can follow along with me, and Bonny and those two people who greatly prefer warm and sunny to cold and snow.
For Christmas Santa brought me a new hub cap to replace the one that went walkabout in Brunswick, GA. This one is an aftermarket one with no “Freightliner” wording but Captain Russ got two for the price of one and cheaper shipping than the OEM version so when another one falls off, I won’t be feeling a bit naked very long.

Shiny, new but lacking the OEM name

Shiny, new but lacking the OEM name

Santa also promised I’d get four tire skirts to make me feel like a proper southern belle. They are to protect the tires from sun damage (don’t we all need that?) when plopped somewhere for a long time. Whether they really help or not is debatable but since my owners already had the Textilene (used to make Ortolan’s sunshade) and snaps ringed the wheel wells, it was a no-brainer I guess. So the other day, after a 6-day illness delay (oh, not me), I finally got my snap-on skirts.
Some RVs have ones that sit directly on the tire while others are more like mine only they snap on above the wheel well and hang flat like a square cover.  I like mine; they make me feel like a lady.  So, how about a few “LIKES” or comments for me and my new look ? 🙂

Lori chimes in:  right, one more thing to add to the “Departure Checklist”!! Occasional use only thank goodness. Thought I’d show you our view this morning; a very, very windy one and the most we’ve seen since Dec 1. The view looked better in real life; the shades added a surreptitious element that didn’t translate well when photographed.??????????????????????????
Now for a ladybug update: as of Thurs Jan 8 we are down to only two found wandering around inside. We like to think they are cleaning since ladybugs eat certain kinds of mold and mildew that we can’t see. 🙂

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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