Block Watch

Phew- we did it all; a nostalgic week-long cruise visiting favorite places in eastern Long Island Sound. The week-long trip was a mix of motoring and motor-sailing due to generally low wind. The good part of that is one can be almost anywhere with few worries; and right about now that sounded really good to us.

First up, Block Island.

Block Island in August you say?  Crazy you might think. Uh, right you’d be.

Entering the bustling New Harbor on Block Island

Entering the bustling New Harbor on Block Island

No worries mon.  We found a corner to anchor in; only 16 ft of depth (compared to 20ft-plus elsewhere) where we enjoyed a “generous” 2 to 3 boat lengths between us and our new neighbors. Our closest neighbor came by to warn us that if our stern swung out across the imaginary anchoring boundary line, we could be asked to move. The backup plan was to request a private mooring assignment at 3pm. Several year ago this practice was established and it greatly improves the super summer congestion in Block’s New Harbor. This was looking more likely by the minute when a 30’ SeaRay anchored over our anchor at 2:30. Yes, they planned on leaving at 3pm for a private mooring assignment and we’d be right behind them.

Live entertainment in Old Harbor- note the man on his boat with musical eccoutrements

Live entertainment in Old Harbor- note the man standing on his boat with musical accoutrements

Block was a bit too busy for us and once we had those Killer Donuts in hand we decided to move on to Watch Hill and anchor off Napatree Beach. The downside to the private mooring assignment is that you have to be off by 10am. This was the kind of beautiful summer week where no one in their right mind was about to vacate a town mooring. Ortolan fell in behind the long line of mostly monos heading out after the morning rain cleared.

An easy three-hour motor found us anchored behind Napatree Beach at Watch Hill. No, Taylor Swift was not home but she sure had quite the crew watching her gorgeous five acres on the point overlooking the Sound. Her recent purchase of a house in Watch Hill at $17mil makes this the most expensive home sale in Rhode Island. A stone’s throw from the completely renovated Ocean House, the area oozes wealth in an understated New England manner; classy and sublime.

Garden with creative natural fencing on the way out to the lighthouse

Garden with creative natural fencing on our walk out to the lighthouse

Flying horses carousel

Flying horses carousel

The unique flying horses merry-go-round

The unique flying horses merry-go-round

The completely restored Long Island commuter yacht, Aphrodite rested snug against Watch Hill Docks, every bit as gorgeous as the photos in some boating/yachting mag we no longer subscribe to depicted a few years ago. Aphrodite is owned by the same person who owns Ocean House and for $1,000 or more a night you too can bask in luxury accommodations and enjoy a visit to Stonington on Aphrodite.

Tuesday’s fog and all day rain provided me an opportunity to pursue my sea glass jewelry making hobby. Baby steps- more like crawling though. I’ve practiced wire wrapping and was ready to move on to drilling. Russ had a Dremel and the smaller 3/32” collet required by the tiny drill bits. You thought Twiggy was skinny, look at this drill bit.

A successful drilling of two pieces, sans drill press.

A successful drilling of two pieces, sans drill press.

It did the job though; Russ drilled the first one and I managed the second. Diamond tipped bits, these are good quality and should last 40-50 drillings; works for me.

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2 thoughts on “Block Watch

  1. Hi, Just rereading your blog on the Dinghy chaps as we are working on ours. We are in the process of ordering the boat registration plate .. did you glue it on or stitch it. Also gave your blog to my friend Stacy. She lives on her KP 44 across the way in the marina and was interested in the chaps
    blog as well.

    love and hugs,
    your sailin’ sister in law


    • HI(not Go) there. We stitched it on. Was very easy. First though I attached it with a piece of double sided hem tape down the middle to hold it while I sewed it Glad you are making progress with that. Good luck. And share the blog all you want. The more the merrier!

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