A brief return

When you get bit and it makes you itch, you scratch it. We’d caught the local waters cruising bug; back at home base for a few days then we’d head out again based on promises made by our friendly weather service. The second Saturday in August is the date of the annual Bradburn family luau; this year was number 21. Martin swore it was 23; his mom said 21. Guess who ate crow?

Lola's has THE best drink descriptions anywhere and drinks are fantastic too!

Lola’s has THE best drink descriptions anywhere and the drinks are fantastic too!


After our shorter than usual luau stay the next stop brought Bonny to our friend Cathy’s in Groton. Who is this Bonny you wonder?  Our Mini Cooper’s name is Bonny. Two reasons; one, she was bought around Easter time (think Easter bonnet) and two, she came from across the ocean (think “my Bonny lies over the ocean”.) Not to mention that the English call a car’s hood, a bonnet. Soooooooo, anyway, we enjoy being in Cathy’s condo almost as much as she likes visiting us in the Bahamas in winter. On this particular visit her cat, Snickers, kept us amused with her feline “you can look and I will jump on you but don’t touch me” attitude.

Saturday’s weather was lovely summer sunny-ness. Many boats bid farewell to their slips starting Friday and by the time we tossed off those dual pennants early Sunday morning, the marina was looking a bit empty. As it should-at least once a season.

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