Little Harbor & Pete’s Pub

Pete's awesome pavillion-style beach Pub

Watch out, this is my chance to gush. Soooooooo wonderful and I am in love with Pete’s Pub. You will be too.  Forget the words, the photos tell all!  If it were say, in Ft Lauderdale the kids would make it a spring break stop- well at least in my era we would have.

No shoes and yet you get served! No shirt- lord knows what would happen! Well, the shirts are hanging from the rafters here. All signed and dated; none of that boring boat card or dollar bill stuff here at Pete’s. First, some background so you don’t think this is some trashy, beach bar with no substance. Quite the opposite.

Little Harbor became a place on the map in the 1950s when noted sculptor Randolph Johnston (age 46) also an assistant professor at Smith College, left Mass with his family (wife, son, ?) for a better life. They arrived at Man-O-War Cay (Abaco), purchased a 47’ schooner, Langosta and spent six months making it the family home. In Feb 1952, after a shakedown cruise to Nassau they set off for the Exumas. Their plan was to putt about the Caribbean, maybe head to the South Pacific- you know, just like cruisers today. Not sure how far south they sailed, but they came back up north to the Abacos and sailed into Little Harbor; “Randolph’s quest for a bit of Eden was fulfilled.” Little Harbor was completely deserted except for the lighthouse keeper and his family.  With more effort and hardships than most of us can imagine, the Johnstons made Little Harbor their new home, complete with a foundry for Randolph and son Pete.

Today, Pete runs the foundry; the lighthouse is in ruins and Pete’s Pub, fashioned from the deckhouse of the Langosta thrives as one of the most popular watering holes in the entire Abacos. Considering it’s a good 20 mile drive from Marsh Harbor with not much around save cottages and summer homes overlooking the water, we figured it was a must stop. We were not disappointed. The menu options were limited, but had at least two fresh seafood choices. For lunch we both enjoyed Mango marinated grouper on a square sandwich bun, with sides of coleslaw and Caribbean rice.  The coleslaw was delicious, teeny pieces of pineapple and large pieces of walnut. Fine fare for a beach bar.  I have to warn you that Pete’s signature rum drink, the Blaster is fantastic, and affordably addicting at $6 for a large drink.

The moorings look like thick wooden nickels instead of the typical ball.  Russ says they are tires with plywood tops and on the plywood is painted, $15/night, pay at Pete’s Pub. We count about 10, with a couple private moorings and room for a few boats to anchor. A resident sea turtle likes to hang out in the tiny harbor but he’s sneaky and has evaded the camera.

**** Since the camera got a great workout here, I set up a Picture Book page for your viewing pleasure.

NOTE: when you are on any picture gallery page: single click to bring up a larger photo, then click the large “right pointing” arrow on the right side of the screen to scroll through the pictures. You will see the captions too, (only for Little Harbor right now)

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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