Tahiti Beach

There’s this place…. a sandbar dry at low tide, sand, shells, sea glass, a backdrop of tall, swaying palms. Barely noticeable on a wisp of land on Elbow Cay’s west shore in the Sea of Abaco (Sea? More like Elizabeth Harbor) sits innocent Tahiti Beach. She reveals her charms slowly as moon pulls the water away. About two hours before the appointed time, you can walk over from the nearby cottages/villas or anchor your tender off the beach and play in a piece of paradise. A place for all ages, as even the teens and 20-somethings use the beach for kite boarding when the wind picks up.

Tahiti Beach, approaching low tide

First stop this day (Sat) was Cracker P’s and a trail walk across Lubbers Quarters to the beach on the west side where you can look across the wide expanse that is Lubbers Bank (read: shallow) toward Marsh Harbor. Cracker P’s is tree top dining in a casual open-air atmosphere that we missed five years ago and made sure to grab lunch there this time.

Cracker P's

Next stop, Tahiti Beach. I added many small pieces of sea glass to my slowly growing collection, a handful of small shells too. The power cable from Elbow Cay to Lubbers crosses over at Tahiti (well, it goes in the water) and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear the power goes out from time to time. You can see the cable lying exposed in the sand, eroded most likely by the last hurricane- Irene? Bad girl.

The view from Tahiti Beach, Bakers Rock to right

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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