Good times at Great Guana 3/14-3/18

Good-bye Pete’s and Little Harbor, hello Nipper’s and Fishers Bay.  Too late we heard from another cruiser, about a good sea bean beach by Pete’s and so we have a reason to return. The bean I picked up (from a large pile) in GT is a Sea Heart, one variety of hundreds? I am making these my new quest; won’t be easy. They are not found on every beach and while they can be found most any time of year, certain times are better than others.

Sailing was the order of the day as we headed north through the Sea of Abaco, past Marsh Harbor to Great Guana Cay, home of the infamous Nippers outdoor beach bar. The Barefoot Man appears free at Nippers twice every year and we happened (for once!!) to be in the right place at the right time. Guana Cay has two centrally located harbors for boats; Guana Cay Harbor- clever uh? and Fishers Bay next door- home to Dive Guana and Troy who unmercifully tossed us off a mooring five years ago with a windy “can’t trust the mooring” night. That is not quite true, but he did tell us that if the wind came up any more, we would have to leave the mooring. So that night we learned about being in the protected lee of Great Abaco Island and the next day Benj had another memorable day at Archer Cay.

A good spot to hang out- the fig tree Guana Cay

Back to 2012 as we anchor in Fisher’s Bay at the head of the pack; you know the mantra – like a good cat should. Our other mantra was “any fish today?” Milo came through for us (yes, the local fishermen deserve the credit) with fresh Mahi Mahi on Friday. The market is impressive; fresh cream and RediWip winked at us, saying “closer to Florida”.  A teeny cup of Hagen Daz Belgium Chocolate was our shared treat- damn it was good.

Milo's Yellow Shack: fish, fruit and trinkets

Heard that Endeavour power cat Side by Side was at the marina in the harbor next to us. We popped over to say hello and were graciously invited aboard. I could easily live on a power cat; oh some day when diesel prices drop- a lot.

Barefoot Man with Sea 'n B

Friday afternoon was the first of three appearances; two with the Barefoot Man (“Foot” if you are in the know) and backup musicians and a third with only Sea ‘n B, no Foot.  The Barefoot Man is not new to us; we began acquiring his music before our Abaco charter.  With a CD titled, Thong Gone Wrong; you get the idea. The weather made nice and everyone was happy, happy on Friday. Things started out a bit rough, with a long wait for lunch (biting my tongue again), then we stepped out of the dining area, on to the deck and were caught up in the irreverent, risqué music,  with people of all ages (more over 45 than not though) dancing, singing along and gulping Kaliks or frozen Nippers (rum punch).

Upper deck at Nippers

Laurie, Jeff, Russ, Lori- good times!

I went up to the top deck so Russ could take a picture of the crowd looking away from the “stage”, and met the nicest bunch of people. Several couples staying in a cottage practically next door befriended us and welcomed us into their group with open arms. We danced, sang, ogled the hunky guys and groaned at the old guys acting 20. No need to say more, the photos tell the story. We only had the iPhone. Some of the photos are snapshots from the movies Russ took. Check the picture book for more Nippers photos- coming soon.

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