Georgetown, SC Revisited

Tuesday, Nov 1 we ended our day early to take care of some of those fun chores that require us to touch land: laundry and provisioning. We tossed in dinner out for the simple reason that the bistro- Joseph’s Italian, was a 3 minute walk from the boat. It was excellent and reasonably priced. We debated bottle or glass on the wine; our waiter tipped us off to the 1/2 price bottle special- ok then, a bottle of their house wine. Quite good actually. We are consuming the leftovers tonight; how budget friendly is that?

Wed night found us anchored in a small creek just off the ICW; we’d stopped at the same spot last fall and it was an easy, no problem stop. This time we had a couple other boats for company as well as Mr. Lazy Turtle lounging on a floating branch. We’d passed into South Carolina and really began to feel “southern”. Interesting houses appeared along the way and we couldn’t figure out just what bird species needed to congregate on a red roof.

This is for the birds

Home sweet dome- South Carolina

Thursday we arrived at Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown. It’s a terrific historic waterfront town… with one huge drawback; the paper mill. Lady luck was on board this time and the wind blew the smell away. We strolled and shopped, enjoying a near 70 degree day with only a breath of wind. We talked about life “apres Ortolan” and once we’d gotten the RV life out of the way, we’d like to live in a small bungalow someplace very retiree friendly. It must have a porch and it must not be stodgy! Sort of like this cutie, only a small second story would be nice.. or maybe not- stairs may be a problem some day..


Please share any thoughts or questions.

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