Leaving Marathon for Certain


lori and cathy

Lounge Ladies

R&R was the theme for Cathy’s visit. Our third visitor awarded Ortolan 5 stars for a perfect-weather getaway in the sun. Cathy left the cold and snow behind in CT and we played in the beautiful weather with her for several days. Kayaking, sailing, swimming, beach-ing and a day in Key West – we did it all.  For a more authentic experience, we threw in marina showers and a chat with one of the marina’s ancient mariners. On Cathy’s last day we jumped for joy at the chance to take a car for groceries; such a treat.
Today we prepped for heading off on Sunday. The strong NE winds are finally easing back and we are eager to move. Our trip north officially begins and it will be a S L O W one. We’ll stop at some fav places and try a few new ones in Georgia which we’d completely zoomed by on the trip south.
Although abandoned by Cathy and Sanuk last Tuesday, we had the good fotune to acquire a new neighbor on the ball next to us; s/v Celise/Spirit, a 48 ft catamaran. Yep- larger than us, but they still wanted to be on our boat! They (Carolyn and Cort) are part time cruisers and half owners of Celise/Spirit.

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