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Tracy shots

I Love Mixology Class

How does this happen? That a one week planned stay turns into three..and it’s perfectly fine because we are enjoying  hanging out , not being on the go constantly and we like visitors! Our friends Chris and Tracy on Sanuk (a Baba 30′) stopped at the harbor on their way north from Key West. They’ll be inching slowly toward home (on the Chesapeake) as the weather warms along the southern states.
Tracy brought the ingredients for a new shot they’d learned: Pineapple Upside Down Cake- Vanilla Rum, Pineapple Juice and Grenadine. You can see just how to make it from Tracy’s demo above.
Over breakfast at the Stuffed Pig on 2/22 we all decided the day was perfect for a trip out to Bahia Honda aboard Ortolan.  An hour and ½ motoring trip took us right off the beach on the ocean side and we dropped the hook in 6 feet of clear water. Dinghied in close to shore where the water was very clear and no sea grass at all. Checked out the park and the tiny harbor (even smaller than No Name) and the water lovers in the group took a dip in the clear water near the dinghy. Back aboard, Russ and Tracy (thanks!) jumped in to scrub the bottom of the hulls.  Once we dropped in hand-hold lines, the relatively easy scrub job became much easier. The hard part is staying with the boat as it bobs in the water. Even in calm conditions, there’s always movement. Dedicated sailors we are (plus, Chris wanted to see the huge sails) we raised the main for the trip back to the harbor. During the short-lived luffing stint, we were rewarded with a sea turtle sighting; could see him swimming near the surface then come up for air. Water depth was about 25 feet.  Sailing very slowly has some advantages!
Next visitor was- ok I’m stretching things a bit here- a marine electronics guy who was to perform warranty work on our chartplotter and install the new antenna sent to us by Maine Cat.

Bahia Honda

Bahia Honda, FL Keys

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