A quick mandatory stop at Key West

A note from Russ:

Heading back from the Dry Tortugas, we overnighted at Boca Grande, then planned on sailing straight to Boot Key.  However just as we were sailing past the Key West channel, it called to us!  Actually, our friends Chris & Tracy (Sanuk) phoned from Key West & tipped us off to wetsuits on sale at Divers Direct.  We made a u-turn into the channel, anchored, bought 2 wetsuits at a great price & had a great dinner with Chris & Tracy.

Russ, Benj Key west Jan 2011
Key West: where you can’t help but smile!

We also had a memorable time around 5pm when the tide changed and the boats anchored began to swing not in unison. We’d had just returned to the boat after a brief chat with Sanuk who had re-anchored closer to us. The cat who’d anchored ( I thought too close) near us, now was inches away and if we hadn’t pushed off, our bow pulpit would have impaled itself on their front quarter. Minutes later, the owners returned and graciously moved their boat, much to our relief. Wild stuff happening lately.

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