Makin’ Water!

We have arrived! Masters of our domain in a significant way; able to make drinkable water from salt water. No fault of Russ’ that the project took over 5 weeks. So many pieces, tubings, switches- all have to go to the correct water tank in the correct hull and lord knows what else. When time permits (read that any way you want) Russ will post more info on the “Changes & Mods” page; for now we’ll give you a taste of our new piece of equipment.

A tasting of the water kind

Installed in Port Bow Locker

Annapolis Boat Show- Getting Serious

Dick and Russ discuss options

To be honest, a year ago we thought that visit here was to be our last for a while. Had our sights set on another boat, and Maine Cat wasn’t at the show anyway. But the ebb and tide of life works in wondrous ways and it didn’t hurt that Russ had been keeping an eye on available Maine Cats.
Here, we meet Dick Vermeulen owner of Maine Cat and become re-acquainted with a Maine Cat. This one at the show is Hull #20; ours is #21.