Makin’ Water!

We have arrived! Masters of our domain in a significant way; able to make drinkable water from salt water. No fault of Russ’ that the project took over 5 weeks. So many pieces, tubings, switches- all have to go to the correct water tank in the correct hull and lord knows what else. When time permits (read that any way you want) Russ will post more info on the “Changes & Mods” page; for now we’ll give you a taste of our new piece of equipment.

A tasting of the water kind

Installed in Port Bow Locker

2 thoughts on “Makin’ Water!

  1. Cool, wish mine was in the bow locker (Some of mine is in the port locker, some in the port v-berth). You must have the 150? Don’t think the 300 would fit with the long tube installed vertically? Looks like a very clean installation job!
    s/v TabbyCat


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