Summer Blues

Turbo in a bucket

Out with the old – In with the new anchor chain

While our projects may be blue, we’re not!  We’ve been too busy enjoying life while awaiting our engine diagnosis.  And the good news – our engine just passed all of its tests, except for the turbo charger which will need a rebuild.  So “only” thousands, not tens of thousands (which is what it may have cost if major issues had necessitated removal & re-building of the entire engine).  Whew!!  Time to celebrate!

Dad & Benj after a long 8 months apart!

A Father’s Day lobster feast with homemade lobster rolls!

Lori’s a little excited to be helping to cook in a REAL kitchen at Cathy’s condo!

Even MORE excited getting away to a beautiful Bed & Breakfast with NO cooking!

So while our summer will involve less boating, we’ve already had a steady stream of visits with friends & family, with many more to come. Even a couple of trips to Vermont to spend more time with Benj & Lily.  Very, very nice after two years of COVID.


2 thoughts on “Summer Blues

  1. Sorry to hear about your turbo, but better than many other diagnosis. Please let us know if you get to Cape Cod Bay. (Scituate). We have a mooring and a car you can use, and we’d love to see you!


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