In Deep River, Connecticut for the Summer

The Great Kills Yacht Club founded in 1906 & still going strong

Pheww! – we are so glad we pushed to get up the NJ coast before the big storm!  High winds of 25 – 40 knots blanketed the entire east coast from Connecticut down to the Carolinas & didn’t lie down for a long 5 days.  While we were comfortable at the Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island, we were eager to keep going.  On day 5 we departed, even though the winds had only calmed down to 20 knots.

Approaching the Verrazano Bridge, the scene resembled a painting
Can’t go past without saying “Hi” to Lady Liberty
Seems crazy to me, but seaplanes land in the middle of the East River in-between all of the boats, ferries & ships

Passing thru NYC was a bit “sporty”, but the winds finally lowered that night as we anchored in Port Washington, NY.  The following day, we made it to CT, then our final morning up to Deep River – in dense fog!

A beautiful sunset over Port Washington, Long Island

Most cruisers behind us in the Carolinas & Virginia were also severely hampered with the many days of high winds.  Everyone pretty much had to hold in-place, awaiting the weather system to finally move away.  Especially impacted were cruisers attempting to navigate the ICW thru North Carolina, as the Alligator River Swing Bridge won’t open for boats in high winds & so was closed for several days.  Those in Virginia south of Norfolk had their own problems – the days of strong north winds literally blew the water out of that portion of the ICW, lowering the depth 2′ – 3′ south of the Great Bridge Lock, while flooding north of the lock prevented opening!  Every year … it’s something!

The Old Saybrook breakwater at the mouth of the Connecticut River – one of the most photographed & painted lighthouses in the northeast (except for Maine of course!)

Between the high price of diesel & COVID(??), we’ve decided to “take it easy” this summer & stay local, with no big plans for Maine, the Vineyard or any other long voyages.

2 thoughts on “In Deep River, Connecticut for the Summer

  1. Welcome home! If we don’t share an anchorage this summer, perhaps we will on the trip south this fall! I enjoyed living vicariously through you guys over the winter! Kimberly


    • Have car can travel! Although sounds you’ll both be working! We will pop out once in a while and for a bit longer later in August… so there’s a chance to share that Anchorage!


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