Continuing Back North – End of the AICW in Norfolk

Diesel prices are unbelievable – this marina was $1.799 only 2 1/2 years ago…

Norfolk, VA is generally considered the “end” (Mile 0) of the AICW (Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway) when heading north. We’ve already traveled north nearly 950 miles from Vero Beach, FL in just under 3 weeks.  Heading south or back north, the big question usually is how quickly?  With each trip we often say we won’t hurry or won’t be on a schedule, however weather & all of the various complications seem to always rule.  On perfect days, do you travel or enjoy where you are?  Spring thunderstorms (often with tornado watches/warnings) down in the Carolinas are nothing to take likely.  When the radio blares “take immediate shelter in your basement”, Lori always give me a funny look…  Fortunately, we avoided even a single thunderstorm this year although we came close in Norfolk with weather warnings of gusts to 60, but it veered past us with light rain & gusts to only 20.

The biggest “tragedy” of this trip was skipping (the famous) Britt’s Donuts in Carolina Beach – we arrived on Tuesday, but they weren’t open until Friday.  The travel weather was just too good to wait “just” for donuts.  It wasn’t all tears though, as nearby Wake’n Bake Donuts was an adequate substitute, even though the lady in front of me ordered the last of Lori’s favorite donuts (the Carolina Sands & Samoa) 😦

A beautiful sunset up a creek
Lori has rated Beaufort Grocery’s (really a restaurant) pecan pie the best! When asked “whipped cream” or “bourbon cream”, she just smiles & gets 2 of each!
A sunset photo of Twin Sisters by Erin on m/v Barefeet – Thanks for making Lori’s wish come true!
The guys talking shop outside while the girls shop inside. All the talking & shopping made us donut hungry. It was a nice surprise to come upon cruising friends Chris & Erin on m/v Barefeet anchored near us in Oriental, NC & we enjoyed a fun-filled day together!
Delicious oysters enjoyed at Jack’s Neck Tavern in Belhaven, NC.
Some bridges always seem to be having mechanical issues. This one claimed (with only one leaf opening) a remaining 38′ of width – plenty of room for us at only 17′ wide. However, there was a bit of a discussion earlier in the day when a 120′ x 26′ wide yacht needed to go thru. In the end, the bridge reluctantly opened the 2nd broken span as well – probably a smart move!

2 thoughts on “Continuing Back North – End of the AICW in Norfolk

  1. Congratulations on the excellent progress!

    Georgetown is different this year in that on the morning net you’ll hear of 2 ~ 3 boats leaving while 5 ~ 6 new arrivals report in. The total number is still clearly much less than a month ago, yet many more than in past years at this time.


    • Thanks! We got through Norfolk unscathed and bought diesel at Top Rack for “only” $4.60😳.
      Anchored in Hampton now, obtained donuts this morning 😁
      Friends on SV Vivacia a PDQ Antares, are in GTown now, anchored maybe in Red Shanks area. Elizabeth’s FB posts indicate still plenty of windy days.


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