Blasting Off to Connecticut

The lefthand photo was our view of the launch. The righthand photo was the rocket’s view of us (well … if they had panned out a bit!).  This was the April 8 SpaceX rocket launch – the first all-private astronaut team ever launched to the International Space Station.

We had a quick 10-day turnaround in Vero Beach – a whirlwind of activity including 2 rental cars with dozens of errands, 6 grocery store trips, over 30 packages received, engine & generator repairs & I can’t even recall what else. We are planning a moderately quick trip of about 5 weeks back up to Connecticut.

Sunset at our first anchorage in the Mosquito Lagoon, just north of Cape Canaveral. An oddball anchorage with only a few spots deep enough to anchor.  Interestingly enough, we have never seen a mosquito there!

Before we left Vero Beach, it was our generator’s turn for a little TLC. A new thermostat, exhaust elbow & water pump.  Also pictured is one of our main engine’s exhaust elbows – also replaced.

By our 3rd day underway, we had already made it out of Florida into Georgia.  The change in temperatures has been shocking – we left Vero Beach in the high ’80’s with the A/C blasting to now mornings in the low ’50’s! It wasn’t just the distance traveled – there was a major cold front which really chilled things down.  I had to find my jeans – wearing them for the first time in 5 months – horror!

8 thoughts on “Blasting Off to Connecticut

    • Yes! Jeans put away for at least a few days .. until the next front 😳. Zooming (long days, not high speed) while conditions are favorable and will slow down once in NC. Britts Donuts baby!!


  1. Have a great trip North. I wish we were joining you, but we’ve had a change in plans and are storing in FL for the summer. In case you didn’t know, there’s a PDQ flotilla heading to RI from Fl, but I think you are several weeks ahead of them. And it sounds as though you are traveling faster than they plan to. Safe travels from Julie and Chris.


    • Hi guys! Yes cruising gives you lots of pivot practice 😁. Yes we get all the Rhumbline emails and that’s a fast flotilla trip! We plan on 5 1/2 weeks and they are figuring 4!! Zoom zoom. We met up with Onward at Green Turtle.
      Hope all your engine issues are resolved!


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