Hanging Out in George Town

Boy, what a windy year it’s been down here.  Hot too – but no one wants to hear that!

Our private, protected anchorage out of the wind

The best part has been a visit from Benj!  He got to escape Vermont’s cold for a week, even though his original flight was delayed, delayed, then cancelled until the next day.


Lots of good eats!  Unfortunately, the lobster wasn’t caught by us, but still tasted great.

A good father/son project – baking rum cake from scratch.  Very, very carefully pouring the rum syrup on top – it’s the most important part!



What else to do on a windy night?  A bourbon tasting of course, although perhaps we should have had Benj try to teach us a new card game first

Paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, body surfing in the ocean surf, a beach walk, exploring the Loyalist ruins on Crab Cay, chasing after turtles in the dinghy, then two sharks chasing us provided a fun, but busy week.  As always, it goes by much too quickly.

When it was time to get Benj ashore for a taxi ride to the airport, it was too windy to dinghy to the usual dock in Lake Victoria, so we brought him up a creek to a laundromat, which kinda makes sense considering we buy our lobster at the beauty salon.


This American Oyster Catcher has been hanging around us for a few days.
Our friend Cort & his grandson Max are back!

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