Down the Exuma Cays to George Town

Always nice to be welcomed to the Exumas – this guy was practically doing flips!  He made several leaps completely out of the water off our bow before I could even grab the camera.  But a private fireworks display too … enough – stop it!

It was private fireworks, but not just for us – we were anchored off Musha Cay in the Exumas, owned by David Copperfield who operates a small mega-luxury resort on his islands.  We anchored off for free & enjoyed his fireworks show, but to stay at his resort starts at $52,500.00 per night, but that covers up to 24 people, so bring your friends!

These were our “buddy boats” also anchored off Musha Cay.  The 164′ yacht on the left named “Omaha” is practically brand-new – only a year old.  We couldn’t see a name on the right-hand ship but it’s color scheme was identical – could it be an accompanying “fun ship” to hold all of the water toys?  It’s almost believable as some yachts have multiple water slides, water toys, jet skies, tenders of all sizes, tents they set up on beaches, swim platforms, towers to jump off of & weird “water bikes” that speed thru the water & then race up onto the beach.

It was a bit of a challenging year to have gotten down here, but our view out onto Elizabeth Harbour makes it all worth it!




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