Abaco in Photos

Our Hope Town stay began a little rainy

And a little breezy

Followed by an interesting sun halo

Out & about

A first – Weevils in our pasta!

Hard to read the sign “Sugar Apple Snore Box”. The best we could learn is that a “snore box” is commonly a one-room sleeping cottage (without kitchen, bath, etc.). So this is the “snore box” of the Sugar Apple cottage?  Also used by fisherman near docks so they could depart before dawn.

A panoramic photo of the Top-10 Treasure Cay Beach.

Nice photo of us leaving Hope Town – Thanks Tim!

Our new friend visited us while anchored off Green Turtle Cay

The LAST Barefoot Man concert at Nippers

The Barefoot Man – Crazy, but fun beach music

This is the “scary” Whale Cay Passage. In the ’80’s, Disney bought part of neighboring Guana Cay and built a cruise ship “resort”. Believe it or not, this passage was often so rough that their huge cruise ships couldn’t safety transverse it and was therefore abandoned.  With strong northeast winds, there can be 8′ – 12′ swells coming in.

This is a piece of a Falcon 9 Rocket launched from Cape Canaveral which landed near Elbow Cay & washed onto Tahiti Beach. Apparently Elbow Cay is in the trajectory of the launches & there have been many test flights the last few years by SpaceX and the others. At first, NASA would send crews to recover the pieces – now, not so much.

Our last meal before leaving the Abacos. Da Valley – a very local kind of place in Fox Town

Hands down, the BEST cracked conch and lobster ANYWHERE in the Bahamas!

Our time in the Bahamas has come to a close for this year.  We’ll be staging to cross back to Florida in the next few days.



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