The Backside of St Michael’s

Approaching the dinghy dock at St Michael’s at the head of San Domingo Creek

Is lovely too, even more so than the front (marina/museum) side where we’d anchored, oh must be five or six years ago.

A few steps up from the dock (essentially a bulkhead) sits a colorful and welcoming home.

These little free libraries are popping up all over. This one at the  home a few yards up from the docks

A new addition to “things to do in town” is a distillery; no surprise uh? If there’s not one near you, there will be soon!

We missed the tour which they give once per day during the week, but happily partook of the free tastings.

Lyon Distilling Co.- since 2012 St Mikes

Next to the distillery sits a great vintage/antique shop; closed on Mondays though. We got such a kick out of gas pumps from our youth.

Fill ‘er up? Sunoco at 49 cents per gallon

The Acme grocery store has served the town for, well I don’t how long, but I’m guessing a number of years. Convenient for locals and cruisers alike. Our happy faces turned sad as we stood at the doorway and read the Closing Soon sign. Many grocery items were marked down 25%, I grabbed one of the last few pineapples and Russ scored a handful of CLIF bars for cheap. Had such a Twilight Zone feel; very eerie.

We had planned to stay a second night; walk the nature trail, tour the distillery, clean out the grocery store, take more photos… but the forecast indicated that Tuesday would be a far better travel day than Wednesday. Thus, we left. We will return in Spring or next Fall.

Without further ado, or fun St Mike’s time, we departed bound for Solomons, MD which sits tucked in off the Bay’s western shore; a 34 nm trip for us.

2 thoughts on “The Backside of St Michael’s

  1. I once made wine from concentrate kits, for some time, maybe for a year, that was in 1986. The shop offered me “Blanch Juice”. It sounds bad in English but in french it is “jus de planche”.

    Follow me.

    Seagrams and Canadian Wisky use oak casts. But after 10 years, for health security (“better before…) , they can’t keep them in commerce.
    So they sold them. You saw them in 2 and you get 2 half barrels for plants in your yard.

    I bought 8. Why? Follow me.

    You add 2 gallons of water in the oak cast, you turn it 1/4 turn per week, and after a month: miracle: you get 6 litres of alcohol ( depending) of the cast, either wyskie, rye, scotch)!

    The 1st time I did it, I got 35%. You can repeat: I got 25% alchool. And if you feel like it you get 2 plant bols!


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