Happy Time at Solomons

Our BBBB (Best Blue Boat Buddy), m/v Traveling Soul is docked in Solomons, MD and owners Mike and Ann (and Spot) are happily tucked into their new condo very close by. Solomons wouldn’t be enticing for us except for our dear friends, as it’s a solid six miles in from the Bay.

We’d left St Mike’s a day early as the weather was deteriorating sooner than expected. A few nights at Calvert Marina during the windy days, then we moved up the creek to anchor very close to The Condo. How considerate of our friends to select a condo that we can anchor near and dinghy up to the small boat dock. 🙂

Imagine that- still space at the floating docks on Friday afternoon. Krogen rendezvous coming up

Ann took me for shopping errands a few times during our stay, including my first visit to a Michael’s- not to be confused with St Michael’s, Michael’s Jewelers, our friend Michael or Michael’s Seafood.

I’m sure my mouth formed that open O shape as I wandered about for 10 minutes or so. Wow- what craft/sewing items didn’t they have? Picked up some beads on sale and then we checked out a bead shop too.

And then came the wonderful evening we spent on shore with our friends. Ann’s got a kitchen to die for and all the amazing pieces of equipment she uses with ease and actually does use! Ann baked her special occasion dessert (my birthday); it gets filled with whipped cream as you cut and serve each slice. Delicious!

Ann’s delicious Blitz Torte

Monday, Oct 2 looked perfect to head off and spend a couple of days getting down to Hampton, VA. But first, lunch at Island Hideaway with our friends who we wouldn’t see again until Jan or Feb.

Key man


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