Thar She Blows!

You will have to trust me; I saw it happen.

I heard it and turned quickly, just in time to see two humpbacks slip under the surface. But then they obliged me by surfacing again and my slow shooter caught this:

Two humpback whales within 1 mile of NJ shore

We made good time from Sandy Hook, NJ to Cape May with smooth waters close to shore; the only sign of Irma was the noticeable, albeit gentle, swell coming in from the southeast. Today’s  111 nm trip was as close to perfect as you could get without actually being perfect.

A few dolphin sightings confirmed we were indeed offshore, but still quite close to shore.

Flat calm on the trip to Cape May- at mid day


Paddle boarding in the gentle incoming swells off the breakwater at Cape May entrance channel

Happy to be done with this long jump. But when I think back to our time with s/v Ortolan, the trip would have been an overnight or two to get us from Sandy Hook to Norfolk, VA. I like being on the “dark side” again. 🙂

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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