Birthday Love on Sept 16

Have I mentioned how gloomy the Delaware usually is when we travel it? Not sure why and others say the same. Today had a one hour delay due to fog, with improving conditions as time and distance progressed. Overall a calm and pleasant trip up to Delaware City Marina- so yes, a seemingly small birthday gift and one I was very pleased to receive.

Uh oh. too foggy to leave the anchorage

Crabby Dick’s was having a party for me, but we opted for dinner at Lewinsky’s on Clinton where the French 75s are quite strong!

Birthday Party!!


Along the C&D Canal. Fresh paint since last fall

Along the C&D Canal heading to Havre de Grace from Delaware City Marina

We stayed two nights, eager to get to Havre de Grace where Goll’s (old-fashioned) Bakery awaited us. This time we used the marina’s courtesy van to make a provisioning run.

Dinner was a price point down from our typical choice, at La Cucina, a few blocks walk away. Pizza won out as that gives us either lunch leftovers or another dinner.  The revolving glass dessert case did its job and we ended up sharing a dessert which I think was chocolate/cheesecake layer cake. Yes, very tasty.

Second time we’ve seen this in the past 3 days- what is the meaning?

A boat docked ahead of us at Delaware City Marina had a doll just like this one above, tied near the stern. Ok, odd. Then we saw this one in Havre de Grace; baffled now. Anyone want to posit an idea?

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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