Gadding About… and Laurie #1

On the road out from the marina. Not just the mountains are green. Vermont is aptly named.

Our first weekend in Vermont would be the first of four where Benj and Lily (together and separately) played taxi/chauffeur/tour guide and a fine job they did too! We became very familiar with the roads to Rte 7 which is the main road between Middlebury and Burlington (and more), watched for the sheep grazing in between the rows of panels at the huge solar farm and basically enjoyed classic Vermont scenery.

I have a poor luck with Farm Markets; either miss them, forget about them or struggle to buy anything. However, I’d prepared for the Middlebury one which just this season had moved to a larger and more accessible spot on Exchange St.

The Elmer Farm booth at the Saturday Middlebury Farm Market

Checked out the Co-Op where they are nearing completion on a mega-expansion (in a small footprint way). Very exciting time. Benj and Lily can’t walk through without being stopped by former co-workers, friends and people they know from having worked there. Many of these people know our story and/or have met us before so we always enjoy a shopping visit.

The Lobby got the nod for lunch as the food and drinks are top-notch, it is close by and they offer deck dining overlooking Otter Creek.  Middlebury does not lack for mouth-watering dining and drinking options,  and we made sure to hit as many as possible over our four-week Lake stay.

Lily took us on a tour of HOPE the non-profit food shelf organization where she works- both behind a desk and out in the fields gleaning excess veggies and fruits from local farms. And yes, Elmer Farm too. 🙂

Lily works for HOPE.  We think HOPE is lucky to have her.

Maybe you are wondering who Laurie #1 is and does that mean a Laurie #2 exists? For the purposes of this post and a near-future one, we do have Lauries 1 and 2. You’ll figure it out.

Did you know that Rhode Island is the only state to celebrate V-J Day (Victory over Japan)? And that means a day off, just like with Labor Day, only in August. Lily’s parents, Martin and Laurie 🙂 planned to come up to camp (as in camping) for the weekend so we’d get to see them first time in a couple of years (I think). Excellent planning Bradburns!

Burlington got the nod and off we went in two cars. Benj wanted to hit The Gear Xchange which made me happy because with his birthday coming up and gifts yet to be obtained, this would give us a chance to either have him find something or buy a gift card. Done!

Vinyl’s been making a comeback; for longer than we’d realized, so how great is that?

Oh look a record shop- real vinyl. One of two in Burlington

Laurie-  “Now where is Martin?” and that is not he behind her. He’s intently searching for albums!

Citizen Cider was a jumping place on this lovely, warm Sunday afternoon. Six peeps, yep we found a table. Hard cider flights, individually, or crafted into delicious libations; something for everyone.

Citizen Cider: L to R- water, flight and LLC SoundSystem

My LLC SoundSystem was so excellent, I needed two! Food is served here too and nothing lacked in creativity. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian or desire gluten-free you can hardly go wrong with one of those choices; they are just that good at nearly every Vermont eatery. Mega-calorie burning guys need their protein and carbs though.

Pastrami for Benj, fried avocado tacos for me. This was lunch!

We walked down to the waterfront, Russ & I scoping out the moorings for a possible stop via Twin Sisters.

The time until dinner- boy these youngsters sure can eat!-was filled differently for each family group of three. We hung out aboard with Benj then met the others at Mr Ups in Middlebury.

Happy families prepare to drink and dine again!

Whew, more driving. Already though we are rackin’ up serious family time and getting to be with Lily more than usual.

The coming week held promise for a multi-stop Lake tour. Probably north. Stay tuned.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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