Nov 10 – 15: Using luck and speed

Lady's Island Br- from Factory crk

Lady’s Island Bridge- from Factory Creek looking toward downtown Beaufort, SC

Many vessels love Georgia but hate the ICW where shoaling is a huge problem in many places. Since Georgetown we’d been managing it with luck and adjusting our speed from time to time. Just because we only need 2 ½ ft of water doesn’t mean we want to hear the depth sounder squawk at 6ft.
From Tuesday on, the weather looked ideal to keep moving so I wrote up a sheet showing where we’d stop each night, the mileage and the problem areas for the day. Then I checked the tide at the trouble spots and for the most part we would naturally be OK. Planning for tide and current isn’t always easy but adjusting our speed up or down is easy so we handle it that way. Having fearless deeper draft boats right ahead of you doesn’t hurt either. 🙂
Bea-utiful Beaufort, SC got a wave and glance as we opted to pass by this time. We anchored nearby though in Factory Creek which is lined with lovely southern homes, all with docks for their water toys. At the southern (entrance) end of the creek sits Lady’s Island Marina; a five-star marina that Twin Sisters may grace with her presence one day. We hear it’s a good stop. 🙂

Ogeechee Rvr sunset

Ogeechee River sunset. We anchored off the channel in a spot we’d used before


Ogeechdee Rvr sunrise

Ogeechee River sunrise from our anchorage

We stepped off the beaten path near the northern tip of St Simon’s, GA; nearly running aground entering the very curvy Frederica River. Maybe I should have said, “extremely favor the south side.” This route takes you by Fort Frederica where we’d visited last November via RV stop in Brunswick. Cannons pointed but not fired; I think our disguise is working.

Fort Frederica- are those cannons pointed at us?

Fort Frederica- are those cannons pointed at us?


Almost ueless dinghy dock at Fort Frederica

Almost useless dinghy dock at Fort Frederica. Mind the 8ft tide here.

DSC02783 (800x601)



Our next stop was Fernandina, FL. We’d zoomed through Georgia so quickly that I forgot we’d crossed the FL line.

This looks like the right section

This looks like the right section

The papermill was on its best behavior (ok, the wind was) and not until we were leaving the next morning did I start to gag. Walked around historic downtown area, shops, dining spots and a block north found Nana Theresa’s bakery :-). Scrumptious crumb cakes; three varieties to tempt you and they were delicious.

Sunset and a papermill

Sunset and a papermill

A trip wouldn’t be complete without a St Augustine stop. Although last December was phenomenal getting to see Rockapella perform free just a short walk from the state park on Anastasia Island.

uh oh we are in their sights

uh oh we are in their sights

Shopping, eating, tasty libations and a long over-due haircut for Russ helped us to forget how wavy and bumpy the mooring field was.

The Gourmet Hut has gotten fancier

The Gourmet Hut has gotten fancier with tablecloths and painted chairs.

IMG_2365 (800x778)

Crucial Coffee sits next to The Gourmet Hut and is one of many places to satisfy your caffeine craving.



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