Charleston- Still love it

Water taxi muscles its way out into wind and current- got much worse during the day

Water taxi muscles its way out into wind and current- got much worse during the day on Sunday

The decision to spend a few nights in Charleston, at the “rock ‘n roll in your slip” Maritime Center was based on 1) weather and 2) they owed us. Kinda helps that we really like Charleston.

Spring of 2014 we booked a spot at Maritime and the boat there wouldn’t leave as scheduled, so we ended up at St John’s Yacht Harbor and enjoyed a great week with a rental car and decided that things happen for a reason. The Maritime Center said they’d make it up to us and we thought, yeh right. But when we called and luckily fit into their most protected spot, the man we spoke to recalled our tale of woe and by 10am Saturday we were tied up, stern to for easier on and off.
Saturday was a gorgeous, unusually very warm and sunny day; one to be enjoyed before an extremely windy Sunday and a near total rain-out Monday!
I may have mentioned before that boat observation helps me pass the time and you can count on me to say, “We’ve seen that one before” and know where. So, we pull in to the basin and the large motor yacht in the corner looks familiar. Soon the people walk by, say a few words and tell us about the excellent farmers’ market today in Marion Square; which happens to be in the direction we planned to head. He looked very familiar, but the brain wasn’t working and that was that. Later that afternoon, he comes up to us saying, “my wife remembered. We met you guys in Castine, ME this summer; you used to have a sailboat, then on an RV and looking to get a power cat.” Well if that didn’t beat all.

Farm Market Marion Square

Farm Market Marion Square


Lunch- tacos. One Pork One Chicken

Lunch- tacos. One Pork One Chicken

Glazed Gourmet Donuts- 481 King St

Glazed Gourmet Donuts- perfect stop after lunch and I checked one more place off my list

Tell me this couple wasn’t lucky on Saturday; gorgeous weather and no rain. Right at the Maritime Center. Bet a few boats (like us!) are in the background of some wedding shots.

Wedding on gorgeous Saturday

Wedding on gorgeous Saturday


Beautiful day for a wedding

Beautiful day for a wedding- they posed on the dock behind us 🙂

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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