Moving Day

Homes on either side, canal in back and more private than before

Homes on either side, canal in back and more private than before

We liked Venture Out so much (proximity to Key West, secure, quiet, easy access) that early on Russ checked into how we could extend our stay. We ended up adding 6 nites to our time at RV474 and booking 11 nites at RV105 through Jan 31. Canceled our very pricey week up on Long Key and pushed out our arrival at (the very affordable) Southern Comfort RV Park in Florida City where we also chopped off time at the end to make only a two-week stay. Florida City didn’t look appealing in the “fun things to do” department and Russ wanted to visit the Everglades for a few nights after Florida City. If you are wondering, “pricey” is $100/night (or more) and reasonable is in the $40-65 range. Northeast RVing is not cheap by any stretch and the FL Keys command top dollar for parks that often are mediocre at best.

Site 105 was a luxury spot on one of the resort’s many canals and I was happy Russ was the one who booked it, not me. Moving day, Jan 20, one month after we’d arrived- time flies uh? This was easy; a short drive through the resort and we got to practice departure preparations. We’d checked out the spot several times and knew we would fit perfectly. Headsets on. I park Bonny a few sites up and Russ positions Annie to back in. One of our new neighbors comes out (we have houses on both sides) and a guy in a golf cart hangs out to watch the show. Yes, a motorhome backing in is major excitement here in Denture Out (oh did I say that?)

Unfortunately for the crowd, the show was boring. That’s why we use headsets. 🙂 Only one almost oops when I forgot to look up and see that Annie was about to get acquainted with a tall palm. Kudos from the adoring crowd and we got hooked up, with chairs and awnings out in no time.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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