The Scituate Situation

This sailboat was aground during the few hours around low tide

The wind situation was such that sailing became possible for the three-hour trip to Scituate, MA. The pot float situation was bearable and we managed to dodge them expertly including the one Russ took down the middle. I was below and wondered what the “clunk” sound was; just the stick part of the float hitting the hull. Oh.

The mooring situation was unusual (for us), tight, and somewhat painful (for Lori). Lots of moorings not all spaced equally and again you’ve got that 9-10ft tide to deal with. Because the launch service operates some of the moorings (they are privately owned though) the launch comes out to you in the channel and leads you to your mooring; much easier than you trying to find it yourself. We get to the first one and are partially attached but Russ decides this is too close quarters and when the wind dies (as forecasted) Ortolan will be smoochin’ with one of her neighbors for sure. Call the launch and head back to the channel; time is 6pm-ish and she’s busy so we wait. Luckily she had another one open (balls filled up right after) and it looked good three out of four ways but that was good enough. I nearly killed myself getting the big hook onto the pennant eye splice. I didn’t have enough slack in our new special setup line which made it a Herculean feat getting the hook off the Fortress’s anchor bar where we hang it when we are going to pick up a mooring. Oh, did I mention we’d used our wonderful headsets but part way through the first ball pickup mine went dead; naturally. So I can’t tell Russ what to do when I’m having super difficulty getting the hook onto the pennant. I nearly end up going over the seagull stays (the ones right at the thick crossbeam) but manage to only mess up my elbow and leg. Of course one boat is very near to us and I imagine is getting a good chuckle from our seeming ineptness. Spent the entire next 24 hours charging both headsets; mine appears to have a short.

The in-town situation is attractive and being so close to Boston, everyone is well dressed but maybe that was a bit influenced by the First Friday Festivities.

art gallery

Most shops offered finger foods and music on Friday

???????? This was also Heritage Days so lots going on. Saturday ended a streak of nice weather with cold and rain all day. We did get in later for dinner, a delicious Manhattan and yummy cake for dessert.?????????????????????

The shopping and such situation was easy, everything is within a few blocks of where the launch brings you to. The Laundromat was amazingly clean with nearly all machines in working order. But oops- the washers and dryers don’t accept quarters; you need to put money on a card.????????????????????????

Sunday before we headed to Boston in the afternoon, we dinghied over to the lighthouse. In the below photo you can’t see the lighthouse which is on the right, but it is attached to the house and the connector room; very unusual.IMG_0299

The British kept many cities and towns busy with all their attacking and Scituate has its story. You can read the plaque below. Those girls assessed the situation and even though they must have been scared they got the job done.???????????????????????????

2 thoughts on “The Scituate Situation

  1. So neat that you are in the harbor where I grew up. I learned to sail in a 12′ had chined wooden dingy called a Turnabout in Scituate harbor when I was 8. My grand parents sailed the New England coast and stop in at Scituate or Cohasset to visit us. One of my fond child hood memories is sailing up to their 50′ William Hand Schooner, Verasco, in my dingy Puff in Scituate harbor just of the Satuit Boat club.

    Cohasset is a lovely harbor too, and Minots light off the rock ledge is a sentimental favorite, as the light pattern is 1-4-3 ( I love you) enjoy!


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