We embrace lobster

Thank goodness it wasn’t beets we had to embrace. Lobster is easy. My father-in-law enjoyed his lobster- whole, as a hot lobster roll or as lobster chowder. Beginning in the early ’90s Jack and Kerry would make their annual pilgrimage east and some form of lobster was always on the menu. On the nights we weren’t gathered around the big table in the Comstock Room at the Copper Beech, we’d be at Chris and David’s or our home for dinners, often finding a way to eat lobster for lunch. Working would get in the way during these visits, but no longer. When we look around, the only one not still in school gainfully employed is Matt! In more recent years Lenny and Joe’s and Lobster Landing would call out and we’d all come running.

With the Copper Beech checked off the list, we lunched at Lobster Landing (see this 2011 post for J&K and Lobster Landing info) and Lenny and Joe’s with dinner aboard Ortolan one night and the final grill bash at David’s on Sunday. David wowed us with superb Manhattans; our taste buds giving thumbs up over the Copper Beech version. Libations and lobster- sounds like we embrace both equally.

Kerry schmoozes with the owner of Lobster Landing.

Kerry schmoozes with the owner of Lobster Landing.

Far and wide- this is the place for the perfect hot lobster roll

Far and wide- this is the place for the perfect hot lobster roll

Lobster roll love.

Lobster roll love.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Each year when we bid a sad good-bye to Jack and Kerry, we knew they’d be back in a year. This year, we learned, they would not be coming east. Kerry’s knee surgery and other matters would keep them in CA, aboard lovely s/v Mamouna. Let’s see, another cliché is that every cloud has a silver lining.  Looks like Dad Rackliffe wasn’t too pleased to hear they wouldn’t be coming; he had other ideas on that. Kinda eerie how that played out.

Where we will each be next summer? They will remain California Rackliffes and we will stay East Coast Rackliffes if you believe the party lines. Favorable graduation winds are due in May, presenting a happy occasion reason to climb on a plane. Time will tell.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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