Visits and Departures

After returning to our sticky dock we did- guess what? Laundry and groceries! If you’ve been following along you would have aced that one. For real excitement we (that’d be Russ) worked on the water maker installation (at some point you
can find the gory details under the Our Boat page) made twice the usual fun since we have two hulls with water
tanks. The well-worn road to Defender Ind. In Waterford, CT tells the tale of many trips for parts and the returning of said parts for more, and on and on.

Other projects tackled: install new cockpit ceiling lights- one had nearly set the boat on fire when the bulb shorted (our best guess) so a replacement was ordered and we also bought 2 replacement lights with an on and off toggle for
the stern lights as those we don’t often need to use. They are Xenon bulbs on a dimmer; some day we plan to switch to LED. Russ dealt with so many that I not only lost track, I am not even sure what they were. Tweak, repair, adjust, construct,
alter, grease, change, dry out, fix, install… all in the running for action verb of the month (entire summer?)

Hey how about those dinghy chaps? Dare I say that we finally closed the chapter on that book- you know, our cruisers’ version of War and Peace- long, damn long. In fact Russ says we were like a movie with several different endings.
The process will be given its due in Our Boat page.  Followers with fantastic memories may recall I mentioned ordering Textilene to be made into an “at the dock” sun shade. Textilene is great stuff and is akin to screening except that
it’s heavier and made of some type of poly/plastic. You can purchase it in many “hole” sizes depending on its intended use.  Exterior functions are generally as a sun screen that offers privacy too. More about Textilene and how we made our
sun/privacy screen will eventually be found – you got it- on Our Boat page.

 We took a break from work, of all kinds, and enjoyed our annual visit from The California Rackliffes, our affectionate name
for Jack and Kerry. Jack is Russ’s brother. Kerry and Jack live on their- are you ready for this… sailboat in Marina Del Rey. They just retired. Must run in the family; my father-in-law retired at 55.  They still have their hands full of boat projects to get Mamouna and themselves ready for cruising. Unlike us crazy East Coast Rackliffes (since when is anything on this coast crazier than the west coast?) they are experienced sailors with a nautical family history; Kerry’s goes back several
generations. An interesting history of which I only know a teeny piece. One tidbit I’ll toss out here is that Kerry’s (maternal) grandfather built s/v Maya of Kennedy family fame. Kerry’s mom is Faith who we visited in Annapolis on our trip south last October.

 When Kerry and Jack make that final toss-off of their dock lines (sometime in a year or so) to become the Crusin’ CA
Rackliffes, we hope they will turn north after the Panama Canal. With so much family on the East Coast, an area known for terrific cruising from The Caribbean north into Canada, the lure, the draw… surely will we see them on this side. Hey we’ve never even seen Mamouna.

Mouth watering lobster rolls sold here.

We gathered at THE BEST spot for lobster rolls; actually the spot is good but the lobster rolls are extraordinary. If you are ever in Clinton, CT head to the water and Lobster Landing. A seaside delight that has grown from two tables outside the shack to more than twenty tables, some covered. Special rolls and the freshest lobster drizzled with a light butter “sauce”. Absolutely divine.

 Benj packed for school and on Saturday, 12 hours before Irene was to arrive, he headed north with a full carload. We said
our good-byes and without so much as a turn and wave, we plunged into Day 2 of hurricane prep.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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