Back in Deep River

Sorry for the lack of a meaty post, but for several reasons this will have to suffice for now.

To fill up space I will say that we enjoyed a great trip back with the wind our dear friend and the waves remaining calm.

I take the tiller as we sail along. You are not that easily fooled, right?

I take the tiller as we sail along. You are not that easily fooled, right?

The distance is 78nm, the current was mostly against us and the Old Lyme Draw (Amtrak railroad bridge) awaited us on the CT River. The bridge god was extra benevolent today as we waited a mere 2 mins for the bridge to open. The operator snuck us and another boat through in between trains.

Eleven hours after leaving RI, those two mooring pennants were secured on our bow cleats. I had to do this in light rain, something that (lucky for me) rarely happens. Incognito in rain jacket, rain pants and my rubber mooring gloves I got both pennants on the first try. Darn I hate that, cuz what do I do with the second while I mess around attaching the first? Please remember that these have whips on the floats which make grabbing them easy, but require more fussing once you have them. So, I managed to get the job done without the use of headsets. Mine needed charging. No matter that I couldn’t talk to the Master set; that didn’t stop me from talking up there, discussing the situation and when I finally remembered to point, ah, all was well. Good thing Russ didn’t get too much trouble from the wind; the strong current running against us made it easier to keep in place.

Good to be back.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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