Haul Out 2013- the final stretch

With mere days until we are blissfully floating once again; Wednesday, according to the schedule- fingers crossed it will be the day.

Sunday was jam-packed with activity, including the requisite bottom painting which took only two and one half hours. Russ painted and I filled the important role of quality control and roller pan mover.

Earlier that day a blast from the past walked across the parking lot and I looked at a woman I’d not seen in 33 years. Yep, I am old. Well  then I suppose, so is she! That won’t do though, she’s not old at all: just a little bit more to love version of her Bryant College self and I would recognize her anywhere. No, this reunion is not thanks to FB, or Classmates.com, but the Bryant Alumni site.

Being in or thinking about RI brings forth any number of memories associated with my four years at Bryant; roommates being one. Freshmen were placed three to a room; the school figuring a 33% drop rate the first year I guess because after that we only had doubles. Karen and Kathleen’s last names began with B as did mine, thus roomies we became, as well as frequent classmates. Karen lived nearby and when her mom died in the middle of our freshmen year, Karen moved back home to assume a role no young woman should have to so young. She helped care for her siblings, the home and attended school as a commuter. After attending her wedding after graduation in 1980, we lost touch. That could never happen now could it?  What with FB, email and texting?  Well, we had none of that and once life gets in the way of good intentions, it continues to fill the space, pushing and jabbing at the comfortable corners of our new boundaries.

On one of those too hot to move days, I decided to check Bryant’s Alumni site and joy! there she was- and still living in RI.  Come to find out she lives one town away from where we’re hauled out. Small world. Three sons, still married- you go girl.  Do I kick myself for not thinking to find her sooner? You bet, especially since this is our third haul out in RI.

Time and tide wait for no man, nor woman.  Do it now, whatever IT is before time passes and runs out on you. ‘Cuz kicking yourself looks silly, hurts a lot and is just plain stupid.

We’ve lightened our load too; donated Russ’s bike to METRAB (The Met school & Recycle-A-Bike), sold (we hope) the portable AC unit (our savior) and tossed out a zillion used paper towels, 3 rolls of used tape, two empty paint cans, cardboard and other supplies consumed in the process.

They made the list (the Travelift schedule), we checked it twice; getting back to floating will be real nice.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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