George Town: not the end of the line

The weather dictates much of our cruising lives and Monday, Jan 14, 2013 was no exception. Woke up to fairly low wind and with that we knew things would be alright. Anchor up at 8am and once out the cut and into Exuma Sound, we aired out those big white hankies and sailing south we did go; as did at least 15 other boats. Was a day not to be missed unless you wanted to stay put. Tacked once to keep sailing and not resort to motor sailing like so many who JUST WANTED TO GET THERE ASAP.
By 4pm we’d gotten ourselves anchored in Kidd’s Cove; looked behind us and hey there was Northstar who we’d met in Nassau. Made a quick trip in to the market; first removing some cash from the ATM at Scotia Bank across the street. The next day was a major re-stocking day; many water jugs filled, 3 jugs of diesel, outboard gas, a big market trip (lucky us that fresh produce just came in), liquor store, library for trading and regular lending and after all that another stop at the ATM was required. Wed the propane truck would be in and Russ would take our empty tank in for an $11 fill-up. Thursday, the wine we wanted was in at the liquor store, so we headed in for a wifi fix first. This wine is one we’ve never found anywhere else and the single bottle price is $7.15- not bad right? Buy 3 the price drops to $6.44 and for 6 or more the price is $5.50 each. Lazo, Sauvignon Blanc from Chile- the best deal in the Bahamas. Helps to counter the high cost of everything else. 🙂

Looking out at Kidd's Cove as we dinghy out from Lake Victoria.

Looking out at Kidd’s Cove as we dinghy out from Lake Victoria. (Northstar is the blue Nordic Tug)

Kidd’s Cove is a temporary anchoring spot, usually a bit lumpy, but boats move to there because not having a mile-long wet dinghy ride is a huge plus. We like Sand Dollar Beach and moved there Tuesday afternoon. Matina was there and welcomed us. Finally, on Thursday we found time and lower winds to tour the harbor in Ms Bunting. Re-connected with a few boats we knew and so ok, now we were ready to move on. The forecast was looking good for our much wished-for visit to Long Island, approx 40 miles SE of Elizabeth Harbor. Come Friday we hoped to be at least motor-sailing to Long Island- and do you know what occurs (to everyone) along the way? Hint- it happens at 23 27.00

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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