Swan Lake, CT River Style

Mama leads her family towards the marsh

The early summer season found us watching several families of swans; then they pretty much disappeared.  Imagine our (mostly mine) joy to return from our Rhode Island haul out and find them about to stage a low-budget version of Swan Lake. I kept my camera close by and in between my nursing duties I was often found watching swan activities, camera glued to face.

The first day or two was a bit unorganized as the young ‘uns mostly hung out in groups, the males making feeble attempts to impress the ladies. Gradually though, the pairings became obvious with jealous males chasing off would-be challengers. Mid-mornings and early evenings were flying times; hey even the stars of the show need to be home for dinner!

Oh, I think I like you better

Aw, I like you too

You leave my girl alone!

I think she’s going to be impressed by this landing

I’m just going to be so lovely and the perfect swan

I wasn’t the only spectator

Three heads are better than one

Hey, I’m out of here- show’s over. That lady can put away her camera!



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