Home Sweet Home

13. 4   and I want more!!  well, how about 14. 4!  we saw those figures briefly displayed as we surfed down eight foot swells- waves? off the New Jersey coast on our way to Sandy Hook. Oh wait, we are making such good time, why not continue on toward NY harbor and anchor behind the Statue of Liberty?  How amazing that would be- not only did we arrive way before dark we did it in less time than last year’s 38 hours.

Although we carried two reefs much of the 18 hours under sail (another 15 was motor sailing) the wind pushed us along just off our stern quarter at an astonishing 8-9 kts. I suppose hell will freeze over before commercial fishing vessels use AIS, so we continue to be extra vigilant. Why is it that as soon as I would head below for an attempt at shut-eye, one would appear, causing a radio communication and avoidance maneuver  – but oh crap, turned the wrong way and jibed!

The faintest light of dawn blooms around 5:15 a.m. and I for one welcomed it with open arms. Only problem was, now I could see those 6 foot swells turn into 8 footers and that’s when we hit 14.4 kts. I wanted to snap a picture but the camera was down below. I just didn’t want to miss any of the excitement – you believe that right?

Our anchorage provides the perfect backside view

Coast guard escorts- note the manned gun on the bow- seems to be a new thing

We love the tiny gosling puff balls. Off our stern snug at the dock.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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