Church Creek-peace to all who enter

Our anchorage after Beaufort, SC was the lovely Church Creek, roughly 18 miles south of Charleston. Wide enough, but not so wide that it didn’t offer some protection. Unlike many creeks in the spring, this one was home to only a few crab pots which made for plenty of room to anchor comfortably.  Minutes before official sunset (mariners’ twilight lasts longer) guess who enters the creek? Yep– Wandering Star who clearly waited a few hours for the tide to come up and float off.

Wandering Star joins the group at sunset

Our trip Wednesday morning to Charleston was as picturesque as any page from Southern Living along the ICW (Ok I made that up). See for yourself and if you can pick a favorite, I dare you!

Morning has broken so beautifully today

Someone likes those pot floats

The homeowners wanted a boat no matter what

A narcissistic marker along the ICW

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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