Snorkel Babies

Friday ‘s weather was an absolute 11: sunny, high 79, virtually no wind, low humidity and an extra point for being perfect on the day we planned our first snorkel of the trip.  Loaded Bunting with our gently used gear and headed over to Mama Rhoda rock about a ½ mile from the anchorage off Chub Cay beach. Snorkeling with a wet suit makes all the difference, at least for me. Water temp was acceptable for tough guys.  The new dive flag floated off the dinghy while we enjoyed an easy snorkel by the rock. A wide variety of small, brightly colored fish swimming about entertained us. Back at home base, after lunch the guys snorkeled off the boat and over to the rocky shore area. We had plenty of star fish around the boat which you could see so easily. The lowest depth was 6 feet but it looked like 4. The water’s clarity never ceases to amaze us. We’ve spent plenty of time in reading the depths; not so easy to do below 10ft.

Sometimes more than you care to see

The non-existent wind caused us to bob about like a cute yellow rubber duck in a tub. With no pull on the chain it formed into a nice figure 8 design and for a while were floating over the anchor itself. Watching anchor behavior when we first drop it is a new experience. The bottom is sandy here, as you can imagine, and ranges from med-hard to hard (or scoured) and grassy sand. The grass is shorter and less dense than the dangerous stuff found in Florida; so even if you are sort of anchored in it, the holding is decent. Best to avoid grass though.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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