No bread mon? we bake

Wednesday was our best sailing day; unfortunately it was also our shortest hop. All of 5 miles south to Little Harbour Cay and a spot next to Cabbage Cay for lunch at Flo’s Conch Bar. The wind was slowly wearing itself out and we were pumped for a few great days ahead. Next stop, the Berry Island Club on Frazer’s Hog Cay. But wait, cancel that- important intel from another cruiser says that the BIC was closed down and as of a week ago they had no wi-fi, but moorings might still be in use. We needed wi-fi so Benj could email his paper which was due Thursday. Internet withdrawal was creeping up on Russ and I and we needed news about his Dad.

Flo's.. and piles of conch shells

Flo's Conch Bar

Russ and I headed over to the beach while Benj finished his paper. No sooner had we anchored the dinghy, looked back and wait, that rock wasn’t there- hey, it’s a manta (?) ray! He/she was nearly 3ft wide, gliding along in  a foot of water, perhaps just curious. Of course, no camera.

No phone ability yet as the Berry Islands have virtually no shops or services. Our plan is to tackle that project in Nassau. Even Chub Cay with its nice American-owned marina (read: all amenities & pricey) offers not a single shop. The marina Island Market, described in the guide-book as “well stocked” caught us by surprise. If the shop hadn’t been so large the shelves wouldn’t have seemed so bare. We came away with a tomato, 2 cans soda and a bag of flour.  The Bahamas are known for tasty breads- you know like coconut and others that are delicious any way you want to use them. The Berry Islands are not a popular cruiser stop and now we know why; no food. Flo’s sold bread, but Flo wasn’t around, so no bread. The market suggested I ask at the restaurant which gave us hope, plus we’d be dining there. Alas, no bread that night, but perhaps some tomorrow. Not willing to take that risk (we needed to make sandwiches) you can guess our next move- yep, buy flour and bake bread. Chose an English muffin recipe for its lack of egg and would be dense enough for a hearty sandwich as well as toast.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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