Key West does the trick

Doing the laundry- nope that did not get results. Send emails and call- not much happened from that. Ok- take a day trip to Key West- yes! That did it. Russ was almost done chowin’ down on a yummy chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick as the phone rang. Good news: Yanmar had finally given the go-ahead for the warranty work; oh, they wanted photos of the seals, etc, but we surmise that’s more likely related to the work done in Feb by the boat yard. Bad news: mechanic on vacation for a couple of days so the work couldn’t be done until Thursday. Sure, why not, we always spend more time in Marathon- the Velcro Beach of the Keys- than originally planned.

At the bus stop we met a young guy from Texas who’d sailed his boat down from North Carolina so that he could meet with the Admissions folk at Florida Keys Community College. Despite not having his subsequent calls returned or emails answered, he headed down the ICW to Boot Key Harbor, then hopped the bus to Stock Island (just before Key West).That’s what I call determination.

Noticed that while much of Marathon is decorated for Christmas, Key West, in contrast showed very little holiday spirit. I think that spirit will appear around New Year’s Eve!

Cool dog, grouchy guy

Mr Plumpie hangs out

We’ve found new employment as match-makers. The owners of Sunshine Yellow hail from Anchorage Alaska. We introduced them to Lorax, the newbie couple we’d met earlier after finding out they too were from Alaska. What’s up with this? Too cold in the 49th state? I don’t blame them a bit.

As a side job to the match-making, seems like there’s a market for making dinghy chaps. Like I want to undergo that ordeal again. Well, maybe I would, but we are leaving the country soon. Several people have stopped and asked us about the chaps; happened again while we were filling our water jug. After we docked, Sunshine Yellow folk came along and before we did the match making thing, they told us how our dinghy chaps are quite the talk. Whodathunk?  Last year we saw a lot of dinghies with chaps and this year hardly any, so I guess we stand out in the crowd. Helps too that they still look really good.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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