River Dunes Disappoints

Poor wi-fi; crappy – at 42% we could not even get on-line- and such was the lament of several other boats we spoke with. Mostly we were annoyed that we were getting the run-around about the wi-fi. AT&T 3G- no- not that either, although Verizon was OK. Choke, we were cut off- OMG how could we function what would we do??? Take the loaner car into Historic Oriental for provisions. Why do we say “groceries” on land and “provisions” on the water?  Either way, you know what I’m talking about.  We called Benj while in town; but no word yet on his study abroad.

During off-season the restaurant, which resembles a yacht club, only serves dinner on Saturday. Wed- Friday they do a fixed price one entrée buffet meal for $12; wine, beer and dessert extra. Nothing special; good company and the usual cruiser talk made for a nice evening.

On Monday we received the OK to move south prior to Nov 1 and fortunately Tuesday was going to be a good day to cross Pamlico Sound. Seas 2-3 ft with north winds 10-20; sails up here we come!  Getting caught with more sail than conditions or our comfort level permits, is worth avoiding, so when the forecast indicates more wind than 15mph we plan for more, just in case. Entered the Sound with a reef in the main, unfurled the jib and sailed along beautifully at 9 mph for 3 ½ hours. Then of course, the wind died down, we shook out the reef and shortly found ourselves motoring with no sails. Better to have reefed and not need it than need to reef- in my book. Along the way we enjoyed one of our favorite sites- dolphins having fun nearby. Spent a calm night near Swanquarter Island; a little marshy piece on the north shore. No swans in sight though.


River Dunes was getting plenty of good press; other cruisers spoke highly and it had 36 reviews on ActiveCaptain. A gorgeous marina that was to be part of a HUGE planned community… the economy halted development and now the huge billboards and some pretty buildings sit waiting for a brighter day. Pool, cabana, workout room, lovely grounds, screened-in porches, great floating docks- all at $1.50/ft. Not bad if you don’t need wi-fi, AT&T cell, cable or a restaurant. Out in the middle of almost nowhere, the basin is well protected and easy to enter. Russ says “4 stars”, – ok.


Thursday we met a fan. George make the long trek out from Raleigh to get a firsthand look at a “being lived on” Maine Cat. Russ gave the grand tour while I finished up my muffin baking. George treated us to lunch in town and we shared the ride with Ringo, his wife’s beautiful therapy dog. We happily answered a slew of insightful queries. George hopes to acquire a shared ownership in a catamaran; liking MC 41 very much. No matter which boat he and his wife decide on (a few years from now), we wish them happy days and fun on the water.

We also got a tour aboard a 46’ Hunter bound for St. Thomas. We rarely get to see any monohulls (inside that is) and this was a treat. Beam-y at 14’, it had all the creature comforts including two recliners!

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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