We return to Roanoke Island

The Lost Colony, the name given to the 117 men, women and children who sailed from Plymouth, England and attempted to settle on Roanoke Island, only to vanish two years later, is still lost. We returned to the anchorage at Manteo to find that Lost Colony; I mean why else would anyone spend more than a few days here?  oooh, unfair that, but it sounded good.

Before I delve into our Manteo, NC (primary town on Roanoke Island) adventures let me step back to complete a couple of tales; one that still had a bit more life in it and another related to the Shannon 53 we’d met at Pungo Ferry.  Moon Tide squeezed under the bad bridge,their 2 ft VHF antenna twanging as it hit each girder- boing!  We raised our anchor and slid under with what should have been 14” to spare, but wouldn’t want to bet on it. The board showed 64 1/2 ft . Golden Eye began their day earlier and as they’d already gone under the bridge a few times, had no trouble. They’d anchored for the fishing!


Sailing along the eastern of Albemarle Sound was possible in moderate winds and things got really interesting and a bit tense when the screacher needed to come in. A too short furl line didn’t help, but by the 5th try we got it wound up right by turning with the wind behind us. Managed to avoid the shallows –  phew.

Arrived, anchored and there was Moon Tide snug at the marina dock. Not following them, really.  In typical, friendly cruiser
style Carl and Chris invited us over; oh boy now I get to see a real sweet boat. She sure exceeded expectations. Gorgeous, with oodles of varnished wood, staterooms, two station fly-bridge, a clever recycling bin under the steps, hydraulic bilges (if you can even call them that), tastefully decorated- ah I see a few more rugs in Ortolan’s future-we are quite stark in comparison to most boats.  Enjoyed a couple hours of cruiser chat- people, places, events and getting to know each other. Carl mentioned that they’d seen s/v Golden Eye aground near G161- they’d apparently left a new red buoy on the LEFT instead of the RIGHT and went aground. Smile, chuckle. Filled our hosts in on the Golden Eye tale so they’d have a full appreciation. Carl explained how he’d hailed the boat on the radio- no answer,  then called out as they passed by to offer help. We came by an hour later and saw no sign of them; guess boat and crew managed to get free.

Monday night- hallelujah! We spot the lost colonists returning on the Elizabeth II.


Jack and Kerry email us that Lats& Atts published a certain “Tale of Two Pirates” in the November issue. Our copy (maybe a check too?) is lounging in our Clinton box until we can send for our mail, but in the meantime we can go on-line in a few days and see it there.  Benj finds out tomorrow if he will head to Italy for the spring semester study abroad. So much good stuff; and more…but I’m not sharing yet.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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