Double Dutch

Our repairs and routine maintenance work got completed in one week. Our bottom happy with a new coat of paint, new zincs and gear oil for the saildrives, and my favorite; a larger thru-hull drain for the sink in our head, allowing the water to drain freely rather than backing up after 5 seconds.
Once back in the water, all systems and bilges got a thorough check-out. A boat out of water is not a happy boat and the generator and starboard engine both required priming.
After lunch we headed for Dutch Island Harbor; a wise choice.  Got caught in two small T-storms just north of the Jamestown Bridge, then the fog rolled in. Visibility was lousy. I was relieved that we had enough knowledge from our prior stop that allowed our sense of “whereness” to complement the chartplotter.  A beautiful full spectrum rainbow appeared in the eastern sky following the third and last post anchoring T-storm. We enjoyed a beautiful evening; the sunset a magnificent show of clouds dancing with the vibrant red sunglow. Ah, sure felt good to be on the water again.


"Somewhere, over the rainbow"... lies Newport

The morning would find us ready to sail to Block Island, RI for a couple days of vacation amidst what has become a working summer glued to the dock.

Please share any thoughts or questions.

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